chakra balancing for cash flow

Are you feeling stressed about money,
craving a change in your financial situation,
worried you’ll never be able to pay down debt?
But at the same time, you are feeling unsure of how
to even begin improving your relationship with money
+ moving toward financial health + abundance?

Your finances play a big role in your wellness.

You might not think of money in terms of “health + wellness.”

We understand how to get healthier when it comes to our bodies, our relationships, even our spirituality.

There are little resources available to you on how to address money as an integral part of our wellness. Money is one of the major causes of stress in our lives, yet we don’t talk about money. People think it’s not ok to talk about money.

It’s no wonder that so many people struggle + get overwhelmed as they try to eliminate financial stress, improve their relationship with month + create financial abundance.

here’s what i know about money…


Everything in our lives is made up of energy. Our thoughts, our words, our emotions. Your money, too, is made up of energy. This energy, like everything else, is impacted by the thoughts, words, and emotions we fuel it with.


You are creating your reality in every moment of every day. It’s as simple as asking for money to multiply. Or telling it to return tenfold when you spend it. Expect miracles. Seriously. You can tell money what you want it to do.


There is unlimited abundance. Abundance is not something we receive. It’s something we tune into. Back to the whole ‘money is energy’ thing – there is literally an infinite amount of energy. There is no such thing as scarcity or lack because there is literally no place that exists that isn’t jam packed full of energy.

Things get complicated when our emotions start to play into our financial perceptions.

Instead of using money as the powerful tool that it can be to help us live more fulfilled + joyful lives, our finances start to become detrimental to our quality of life + health.

It creates stress, anxiety + overwhelm where it should be creating feelings of possibility, freedom + wellness.

your chakras + your financial wellness

~ if you feel stuck when it comes to tapping into financial wellness + abundance…

~ if you feel that you’re ‘just not good with money’…

~ if you feel selfish for wanting more money…

~ if you think you’re not meant to have a lot of money because your family has never had a lot of money…

~ if you brace yourself every time you use your debit card…

~ if you’re afraid to check your bank balance…

…then, your inner energies are out of alignment. And in turn, your finances may also be out of alignment.

This explains why you can make a lot of practical + logical changes to how you make and manage your money + still find yourself struggling financially.

By balancing out your chakras, you’ll discover that financial flow comes quickly + easily when there is a greater amount of inner energetic flow.